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Lurra: Save your Trunk from my vines in Berlín

Quentin Bajac, curator at MoMA affirmed that, next to the wall, the book is the most basic pillar of photography. An idea that might seem radical to us shows us a trend, that the photo book has become greatly important as a medium of expression in photography. One of the things I find most interesting about photo books is the possibility they allow in creating multidisciplinary works like in the case of Lurra, a work by Irene Cruz, Juan Yuste, and Maria JL Hierro, with its special blend of photography, poetry, and illustration that jumps from the book format and onto the Kliener Salon’s expressive walls in Berlin, to which I am proud to say I curate.

The inauguration will be next Friday the 15 of January at 7pm and will include a very suggestive program consisting of a performance headed by the artists Irene Cruz and Juan Yuste and a presentation of the book. It would be my greatest pleasure to see you all at the inauguration and have a chance to speak to you in person. Below you can read the text I have written for the inauguration itself.

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David Catá: Under my skin

Leer en castellano

The first time I enjoyed the work of artist David Catá I reflected upon the importance of the body as an interlocutor of the deepest emotions, those we left behind at some point because they imply recognition of feelings that are painful.

In this post you can read an excerpt from the text I ‘ve written about David Cata, featured artist  of Virtual Gallery and  I would like to invite you all to stroll through his gallery, that we can see photography, sculpture and also videoart.

David’s work is about intimate issues, related to memory and the footprint other people leave in us, and transmits it to the spectators, but also to himself, through the use of his body as support.

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