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Lurra: Save your Trunk from my vines in Berlín

Quentin Bajac, curator at MoMA affirmed that, next to the wall, the book is the most basic pillar of photography. An idea that might seem radical to us shows us a trend, that the photo book has become greatly important as a medium of expression in photography. One of the things I find most interesting about photo books is the possibility they allow in creating multidisciplinary works like in the case of Lurra, a work by Irene Cruz, Juan Yuste, and Maria JL Hierro, with its special blend of photography, poetry, and illustration that jumps from the book format and onto the Kliener Salon’s expressive walls in Berlin, to which I am proud to say I curate.

The inauguration will be next Friday the 15 of January at 7pm and will include a very suggestive program consisting of a performance headed by the artists Irene Cruz and Juan Yuste and a presentation of the book. It would be my greatest pleasure to see you all at the inauguration and have a chance to speak to you in person. Below you can read the text I have written for the inauguration itself.

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5 reasons to visit the art fair Signs of Dexterity

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There is only one week before the opening of the art fair “Signs of Dexterity” in a place that used to be a 8 plants office building  in the south of the famous Tempelhof Park, at the berliner neighbourhood of Neukölln. In the upper part of this building, with awesomes views of the city, the event is taking place the weekend from 3rd to 5th of october.

 Berlin has a huge number of art fairs, for example just a few days ago we could enjoy the Berlin Art Week that included three simultaneous art fairs.

But Signs of Dexerity wants to distinguish itself from the rest of this kind of events, so in addition to exhibit and sell art from more than 73 artists of 23 countries. They are filling the space with music, lectures and screenings. We talked with Simon, one of the organizers, who explained to us many of the insights of the fair.

Could you tell us when and how did you get the idea of the art fair? Why in Berlin?

 The idea was born in March and was set up mid May with an open call. I am renting a studio in an atelier house (Greenhouse Berlin) in Tempelhof with about 70 other artists. After participating in several art fairs as an exhibitor and visitor, I started talking to other artists at the Greenhouse and we had the idea of organising something ourselves. In addition there was a huge available space on the top two floors of the building which we really wanted to use for a big art event. I am used to organise events, though of much smaller size than this art fair. So for me  it was a natural evolution.It was something I wanted to try.

Berlin is a vibrant artistic hub and offers uniques opportunities for spaces. It is also home of many artists but too many do no find the exposure they are looking for and struggle to find their break. We would like to assist and bring art enthusiasts and artists together.

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