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Mireia Cifuentes: The liberation of color

This text is part of curatorship work I have done with work of Mireia Cifuentes in Virtual Gallery.

Mireia Cifuentes is a Catalonian painter born in La Seu d’Urgell, although she spent part of her childhood and teenage years in the city of Marbella (Malaga). Her interest and passion for the art world began with a series of trips through Europe and Asia she embarked on throughout the years, in a vital search and as a result of her desire to learn about other cultures.

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Emilio Fornieles: Eros and Passion

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In this post you can read an excerpt from the text I ‘ve written about Emilio Fornieles, featured artist of Virtual Gallery and  I would like to invite you all to stroll through his amazing gallery B-sides.

When I became acquainted with Emilio Fornieles and his work in the last edition of the Berliner Liste art fair, without a doubt what most caught my attention was the passion in the execution of his works and the touch of aggressiveness, as well as his command of black and white, which makes it possible to create landscapes and portraits that are charged with great force and dramatic quality and that we can now enjoy in the artist’s gallery on Virtual Gallery.

A self-taught artist, he has been learning how to capture the reality he perceives. He began to paint when he was very young, although it was not until 2006 that he decided to fully dedicate himself to it, due to an exhibition in which “he opened himself to the public”.

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