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Lurra: Save your Trunk from my vines in Berlín

Quentin Bajac, curator at MoMA affirmed that, next to the wall, the book is the most basic pillar of photography. An idea that might seem radical to us shows us a trend, that the photo book has become greatly important as a medium of expression in photography. One of the things I find most interesting about photo books is the possibility they allow in creating multidisciplinary works like in the case of Lurra, a work by Irene Cruz, Juan Yuste, and Maria JL Hierro, with its special blend of photography, poetry, and illustration that jumps from the book format and onto the Kliener Salon’s expressive walls in Berlin, to which I am proud to say I curate.

The inauguration will be next Friday the 15 of January at 7pm and will include a very suggestive program consisting of a performance headed by the artists Irene Cruz and Juan Yuste and a presentation of the book. It would be my greatest pleasure to see you all at the inauguration and have a chance to speak to you in person. Below you can read the text I have written for the inauguration itself.

Lurra is the nostalgia of unrequited love, the admiration towards something that rises triumphant before our failures, towards what will remain after us. Juan Yuste

Lurra talks about our origins, which are an inherent part of ourselves and leave us very profound marks, shaping what we are. Those roots that we try too hard to hide very often, in the deepest pit of our cores. Through poetry, photography and illustration, collected in a beautiful photobook, we are invited to look for them, as part of our presents.

This term means either Earth, Land or Soil in basque language, and confronts us with nature. Even though the relation of mankind with nature has already  been treated in various ways throughout art history, in this artwork it isn’t used as much as an aesthetic recognizable element, in which the human figure appears isolated, but rather as a mean for introspection. The human being is featured as another element part of the landscape and nature works as the spine, reminding us that we once were part of it.

In the performatic photography of Irene Cruz (Madrid, 1987) we recognize her female models, always barefoot, universal women, faceless, that in this photography series are completed with the male figure, precisely the Bilbao born artist Juan Yuste (Bilbao, 1985).


It is him, who, also has composed the verses that allude to loneliness and its multiple intersections possible (desire, exploration, melancholia), relationships and the paradoxes we are pit against. The circle is closed with Maria JL Hierro’s (Huelva, 1985) illustrations, which take us to the dawn of human presence on earth, to those magical paintings drawn under the warmth of the caves, that told stories; but that also were meant to communicate with mother earth. These are revealed as footprints of our experiences, but also of who we really are.

Lurra invites us to feel the moist soil under our naked feet, to leave civilization and be wild again, feeling alive wandering through a dream that is more real than we believe – Between the well known and the envisioned – Between memory and present.


Info of Interest:

Lurra: Save your Trunk from my vines

Artists: Irene Cruz (www.irenecruz.com), Juan Yuste (www.juanyuste.com), María JL Hierro (http://mariajlhierro.tumblr.com/)

Curated by: Nati Guil Grund (musas20.com)

Venue: Kleiner Salon (Manteuffelstrasse 42 10997 Berlín)

Opening: Friday January 15 7pm (Exhibition, Performance & Book Presentation) – Exhibition until Jan 22

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