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Sadie Weis: The spiritual and science

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In this post you can read an excerpt from the text I ‘ve written about Sadie Weis, featured artist of the week of Virtual Gallery and  I would like to invite you all to stroll through her amazing gallery, that summarizing her production very well and allows us to explore her universe.

Sadie Weis is a multi­media artist working in the disciplines of Installation, Sculpture, Painting, Printmaking, and Video with influences of the spiritual, the occult, magic, and science fiction.

Her philosophy, and the inspiration for her artistic output, centers on a combination of these elements, which she uses to create alternative environments and sensations to transport the viewer to other worlds. These elements combine with the re-appropriation of relics and memories, placed in the context of organic processes such as the growth of crystals and natural decay.

She tries to convey the magic and beauty in the isolation of these discarded elements and broken human memories of former “worlds” , representing them in dreamlike and fantastic universes. These creations are transformed into ritualized moments of awareness in a social landscape of the common unconscious.

In terms of her role as an artist, “art and the act of creating is something that has always been with me, I have always leaned toward art and creative studies.” since graduating from the University of Kansas, she moved from the small American town of her birth to New York, where she embarked on her artistic career. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

The process of creation is very important in the work of Sadie Weis, and it can safely be said that it is both unique and complex. Her work combines experimental prototypes with an intensity that may fairly be described as electric, in the detail and in the final effect of her works.

Nor is this confined to the surface ; it is possible to delve deeper into her and try to modify one’s state of mind. This is based on the spiritual dimension of consciousness, an aspect that has become sidelined in a world that is ever more materialistic.

She works in many different media and it would be tempting to classify her work as leaning toward abstraction were it not for the fact that she also describes herself a “scientific artist“, given that she works with crystals and chemical products. Her works also tend to represent natural imagery in an abstract way, like natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions combined with geometrical shapes.

It is no surprise to find among the artists she cites figures such as Mike Kelley, and his conception of space and the absurd, and his interest in science fiction. Or the brilliant Hilma af Klint and her spiritual paintings. She also stresses the vital influence of Basquiat: “he helped inspire me to create art in the street and to be a free spirit”.

I believe Sadie finds art to be a process of discovery, and while it is true that she started with painting, she soon began experimenting with other media in an endeavour to make them match the vision she has at any given moment.

My Life in the Tubes of Survival @SadieWeis

My Life in the Tubes of Survival @SadieWeis

Her artistic output features on the one hand large-scale paintings involving a frenzied mixture of not only paint but also graffiti, cold wax and ball point pens.

On the other hand her smaller pieces employ silkscreen printing techniques derived from a highly personal and singular development of the monotype tradition, devised by Sadie herself, called “polymonotype”, the result of years of experiment that have yielded unique works that are impossible to replicate. Here the artist seeks to create depth in a very flat and two-dimensional surface. Perhaps this is one of the issues that strikes us on first encountering these works, the desire to immerse ourselves in their depths and explore what it is that lies hidden behind the forms that appear in her works.

In the selection of the artist’s works available in Virtual gallery we are fortunate in having examples of both types, which I believe provide a fine synopsis of the artist’s output and allow us to venture into the universes she has created.

You can read the article complete here .

If you  interested in the artwork of Sadie Weiss From 28 January – 14 February 2015 , if you are in London make sure you check out WANDERLUST a new group show featuring artist of the week Sadie Weis at Lacey Contemporary Gallery.

Inspired by the word Wanderlust, four artists explore both physical and spiritual journeys. The collection of paintings, sculptures and installation are an invitation to join them on their visual quest.

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